A medium length film, developed and supported by CPH:DOX  (Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival), through the CPH:LAB  program.

Start From Zero is a commemorative journey through Hong Kong's modern history - or in fact through several different versions of it. Seen and told through a prism of different voices and viewpoints, which gather in a single story about growing up under colonial rule, where the English Queen's face adorns stamps and coins, and the TV programme 'English One Minute' educates viewers in useful concepts such as 'propaganda' and 'mild swearing'. The relationship between sound and image suggests connections which are never definitely established. People and places pass by the camera's calm gaze in bright, clear images, while dramatic first-hand accounts of the cultural revolution and bittersweet childhood memories mix with the sound of Chinese fireworks on the soundtrack. The uncertainty of growing up under colonial rule is established as an aesthetic principle throughout 'Start From Zero', which subtly casts doubt on the relationship between image and language in the creation of personal and national narratives about who you are and where you come from.

Written & Directed by Flora Lau

Produced by Ken Hui

Cinematography by Yosuke Kato

Edited by Flora Lau & AQ

Original Music by Patrick Jonsson

Sound Design by Steve Bond

Narrated by Gigi Ngan